Necklift and mid face hyaluronic acid injections. This handsome professional wanted to consider options to create a stronger jaw line. I have found that a small neck lift can offer significant improvement without the risks of facial implants. Facial implants are prone to infection, asymmetry, nerve injury, and most importantly an over-exaggerated, unnatural changes in facial appearance. By strategically removing deep central neck fat and tightening the muscles under the chin, a much more chiseled jaw line can be created with very minimal downtime.

This is also a good example of why facial injections are not just for women! A very small amount of hyaluronic acid filler was able to support the lower eyelid tissues in a way which made the face appear less tired. Both of these surgical changes were subtle, yet the overall effect is very apparent, perhaps due to the wellness impact this experience had on our patient. This is an ideal patient because he researched his choices very carefully and had reasonable expectations. He also used this surgical experience to continue a commitment to happiness, wellness, and gratitude. We are grateful to him that he is willing to share his story with our patients.

Lower Eyelid

This patient had a tired appearance due to exaggerated dark circles under his eyes. Strategic placement of a combination of hyaluronic acid filler helped blend the lid cheek junction for a more refreshed appearance. In this location, filler results are very stable over time and may only need a small touch up over the course of several years.


This is a 5 week post op gynecomastia result, which involved a combination of liposuction over the entire anterior chest wall and careful resection of breast tissue through an incision around the areola. Great care needs to be taken not to remove too much tissue, which would result in an unnatural depression or dimple under the areola. Compression and limited chest movement in the first few days after surgery is important to optimize results.


This patient is an extremely fit and active 75 year old. This photo was taken 5 months after surgical facial rejuvenation and fat grafting. Of note, this was an update of a prior facial surgical procedure performed elsewhere over 10 years ago.


This patient underwent revision of a prior gynecomastia surgery and liposuction of the circumferential waist. Combination of liposuction of the waist and chest is important for many gynecomastia patients who have a common inherited distribution of diet resistant fat of both of these areas. Liposuction is ideal for management of fat which persists despite changes in body weight. Even for very young and fit people, some minimal liposculpture of the waist at the time of treatment of gynecomastia can be a great investment to manage this problem area that diet and exercise cannot treat.

Abdomen CoolSculpting

This 43 year old is seen 3 months after 4 cycles of Coolsculpting. This patient is a terrific example of how simply maintaining your weight combined with a very focused area of Coolsculpting can transform your appearance to highlight pre-existing fitness and good health.

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