Breast Implant Removal

This patient felt her breasts were too large. 18 months after removal of her 400 cc breast implants she has decided not to replace them with a smaller implant. She is happy with the size and outcome of implant removal alone!

This patient had 450cc implants removed one month prior to this photo. She is relieved by the size reduction and is not unhappy with the aesthetic outcome. No further surgery is planned. This is a typical scenario for women, many of whom never thought they would be happy after their implants were removed.


Breast implant removal is a rewarding procedure, with minimal recovery time.  For patients who have had implants for over 10 years or patients who have had implants which have been in the wrong position or encapsulated, implant removal is an important step in the process of achieving natural long lasting improvement of the breast shape and health.  

Removal of implants can be performed in our office without general anesthesia. Once the implants are removed, the breast tissue can contract back on itself, typically in a very natural way.  Sometimes another implant is desired. Additional procedures, including a lift, fat grafting or liposculpture can improve on the previous result. In all cases, initial removal of the breast implant helps “erase” the problems of the old implant.  After the breast tissue has recovered, you have a clean slate and a better understanding of potential options.

The removal is done with local anesthetic. Recovery consists of 2-3 days of taking it easy. After that time period you are free to resume your normal workouts and daily activities. The main risk of this procedure is hematoma (a large swollen internal bruise) which will require draining in the office.

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