Mommy Makeover

This patient had taken attempts to regain tone and fitness to the ultimate degree. Her lateral photo demonstrates how centralization of the abdominal muscles helps move the pelvis into a more healthy anatomic alignment with the spine. These photos were taken at 11 months post op. Implant size is 325cc.

This patient had large amounts of excess breast skin, but very little over her own breast tissue, requiring implants to achieve her volume goal. She chose 280cc implants. An extensive amount of central skin damage required some vertical skin excision below the belly button. Scars are depicted at 4 months post op.

This patient underwent abdominoplasty with flank liposuction and breast fat injection. The combination is very dramatic. This result is depicted at 6 months after surgery.

Mommy Makeover

Mommy makeover is basically the combination of tightening/enhancing breast tissue in combination with tightening/flattening abdominal tissue.  Pregnancy can stretch breasts and abdomens to the point of no return.  Mommy makeovers are best delayed until the decision has been made to have no future pregnancies.  None of the patients depicted in this gallery was kept in a hospital or was sent home with drainage tubes after surgery.  All scars take up to two years to fade.

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