Laser Therapy

This patient underwent minor skin excision and fractional CO2 laser skin treatment. This skin treatment increases circulation and literally makes skin younger and healthier as a result of the increased circulation.

This is my face six months after fractional CO2 treatment. I was very pleased with that I had fewer brown and red spots and fewer fine wrinkles. No other skin treatment offers so much sun damage reversal with so little time investment. Fractional CO2 laser is a must have for anyone trying to reverse sun damaged skin.

This patient has very difficult lower eyelid swelling, which caused recurrent under eye bags. Fractional CO2 laser treatment helped thicken her lower eyelid skin resulting a more smooth contour of her lid cheek junction.


Laser technology has created a very big name for itself in the aesthetic business over the last 20 years.  Unfortunately, laser companies have been more impressive in terms of their ability to market their products and less impressive in terms of the service they actually bring to patients.  I will try to briefly describe for you what lasers can and cannot do.

SKIN COLOR  Lasers are and always will be the very best way to target and destoy tissues with specific colors – such as blood vessels in birthmarks, or tatoos, dark hair follicles or age spots.  The laser light energy is only absorbed by the color it is uniquely specified for.  Each color needs a specific laser.  One size does not fit all!  Because lasers are very expensive to purchase, there has been a tendancy to use a single laser for more purposes than it is designed to treat.  There has also been a tendancy for med spas etc. to have untrained persons operating the lasers.  A flood of injuries have occurred in the state of Utah, prompting recent legislation to help create a more safe environment for patients.  I am very pleased to offer IPL treatment in our office.  This is a procedure which uses a broad light range to selectively eliminate uneven brown and red tones in sun-injured skin.  It is best performed on skin which is not otherwise tanned or burned.  Our Scition IPL laser has demonstrated skin rejuvenation in patients who use the treatment 3-4 times a year.  We offer discounted packages for this.  Not only does skin immediately look better in terms of evening skin pigmentation, very visible improvements in skin health and overall texture are seen over the course of years of maintenance therapy.

SKIN TEXTURE  Lasers have also been used as a substitute for chemical peels to strip the top layer of skin and reduce wrinkles.  I have never seen the advantage to patients in substituting a very inexpensive option (peels) for a much more expensive treatment that does not bring any additional benefit.  I have also never been comfortable with the side-effects seen in terms of trading wrinkles for white/waxy looking skin.  We have learned a lot over the years however, and I am excited to recommend fractional laser treatments for the skin.  Our matrix laser is actually a tried and true technique which involves making small holes in the skin.  The holes are too small to be seen or leave scars, but the result is to stimulate the deep layers of the skin to take advantage of the ability of our skin to create new growth.  New skin is better looking and healthier than the old skin, and this treatment works very much like the technique of aerating your lawn!!  The results are natural and healthy looking and can be recommended to people of all ages or skin types who want to improve their complexion (both color and wrinkles) without the risks of unnatural looking results and excessive downtime.

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