This patient has microgenia and micrognathia. An extended jaw implant or orthognathic surgery could have been considered. We elected to perform superficial and deep tissue sculpting. This result could not be achieved with liposuction alone. Sculpting both deep and superficial tissues is required for this type of patient.

This patient’s face is in better balance after a small chin implant is place. For all patients it is important to choose an implant which will not create excess bulk in length or width in the frontal view, creating an overly-large looking chin.

This patient underwent a slight modification of a prior nose surgery, and chin augmentation to balance her lower face. An implant was chosen to increase volume both in the frontal and side view.

Chin Information

In faces every detail counts.  Some of the most high impact procedures are very minor in scale.  These include facial augmentation with implants or fillers.  Fillers can be placed in almost any location in the face to give it a more balanced look.  If the volume desired exceeds the potential of a filler, facial implants can be a very nice cost-effective alternative.


Chin surgery is an excellent option for many people of all ages. Chin position is very important in facial aesthetics. It can be augmented or reduced depending on balance of each person’s facial profile. A chin augmentation can easily be performed by advancing the lower bony portion of the jaw, or by placing an implant. An augmented chin helps balance the nose and upper portions of the face. It can also be used in combination with lifting procedures of the face or neck to help define the jaw line.


I prefer to place scars for chin surgery inside the mouth so that they are completely hidden. Chin implants can also be placed through pre-existing incisions below the jaw line.

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